Frequently asked questions

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How can I access the GridUp application?

GridUp is provided by a Chrome Extension, which you can download here for free. When you log in to your Webflow Designer, the GridUp logo will appear in the left side navigation. There you can log in with your GridUp user and access the application.

Can I download GridUp for other browsers than Google Chrome?

GridUp was developed exclusively for Google Chrome and can be downloaded here.

Will you be adding more components?

Yes, we develop high quality components with a fully dedicated components team. This allows us to launch components on a regular basis, including complex components that can only be solved with custom code.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription flexibly at any time in your user profile.

Do I need to be a professional Webflow user?

No, we have developed processes and components to professionalize the process of how you develop in Webflow and enable you to deliver high quality even without being a Webflow expert. Nevertheless, you will benefit the most if you are knowledgeable in Webflow.

Can I use GridUp for commercial projects?

Sure! GridUp was designed for professionals who use Webflow in their company, agency or as a freelancer and can be used for their own as well as customer projects.

Style Sync still duplicates classes, what could be the reason?

Style Sync was created to prevent duplication of classes when adding components. At the moment this only works with GridUp components, due to technical feasibility in Webflow. Also: Please note that you must wait until Webflow has finished loading before inserting a component (this is indicated by the green checkmark icon at the top of the Webflow Designer). Due to longer loading times in Webflow, you might otherwise copy components in even before our style sync has adjusted the classes.

I have upgraded my account but cannot see the full version in the extension

Please note that if you had a trial version before upgrading to the full GridUp version, you will need to log out and log back in to the extension at the moment for the changes to be visible.