GridUp opens the doors for their limited launch offer

Today, December 22 GridUp has officially launched. With strong community support from day one through feedbacks, interviews and busy beta testers, they have kicked off their launch with a special kind of offer.

Namely, GridUp is available in an annual subscription at a price of 29 USD per month, which equals 348 USD per year.

The offer is valid until 12/29/22 at 23:59 CET.

In the regular subscription GridUp costs 39 USD per month, which if we assume a standard project volume of a Webflow project of USD 5000, does not even correspond to 1% of the project sum.

GridUp offers an extension with access to over 500 synchronized components and also an automation process that can speed up the development process in Webflow many times over, as well as a synchronization between styles and classes of existing and new components, called style sync.

GridUp can help not only Webflow experts, but also beginners. Through the Site Builder process, even beginners can create the basic structure of Webflow pages with just a few clicks, even at a professional level - this not only saves time, but also increases the quality.

The Launch offer is available here.

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Automation of style settings
Professionalization of processes
Synchronization of styles and components